creative greenhouse concepts

Solexx Greenhouses

We are your Mid-America Dealer and resource for Solexx Greenhouses and related products.

The Materials

Solexx materials are available from sheet or roll stock, along with screws and many accessories. 

Your Ideas

Be creative!  We can help you design and create the greenhouse that fits your unique gardening dream.

Creative Concepts for your Green Lifestyle

Perhaps you are thinking of an atrium... Restoring the old greenhouse...  An indoor pool for year-round enjoyment... 

We have helped people fulfill their wishes using the unique Solexx paneling materials and any variety of structural techniques.  Let's put your ideas into action with superior materials within your budget.

  •  Planning

  • Superior Materials

  • Unique Greenhouse Plans

  • A Natural Development

  • Protection of Space

  • Fresh Ideas   

  • Successful Experience

  • Greenhouse Consulting Services 

  • Create Your Own Consertatory - An independent Dealer for Solexx Greenhouses and equipment -

Contact us at:   Jeff Kurtz - 717-620-9676 - - Carterville, IL 62918

Please note:  All these greenhouses can be extended in 48" increments.  Call for pricing.