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[marijuana budding under Solexx Greenhouse covering] Cannabis Growers Choose Solexx

Since Solexx was developed in the late 1980’s Cannabis growers have been drawn to Solexx. Since those early days; growers have inquired,  trialed and succeeded in growing a successful crop of marijuana in a greenhouse covered by Solexx. Often the benefits of growing in a Solexx covered house were spread by word of mouth or via an anonymous internet post. The world has changed, and we have create this page so you can learn about the value of using Solexx to cover your Cannabis greenhouse directly from the manufacturer of Solexx, Adaptive Plastics.

Some of the more common reasons why Cannabis growers have chosen Solexx:

Diffused light for more uniform plant growth
More usable growing space – no hot spots, shadows or plant stress
Holds up in heavy snow, wind and hail
Excellent high insulation factor covering to save on energy costs
Qualifies for utility rebates due to high R-value
Transluscent covering – increased security and privacy
No reduction in light transmission over life of covering
Versatile – can be installed on any style of greenhouse
Quick return on investment
Covering warranted for 10 years, spend more time growing and less time doing maintenance

Give us a call or email us to learn more about Solexx, obtain a sample and get a personalize quote for your greenhouse.

Solexx Technical Guide

Medical Marijuana Cultivators Say “YES!” to Solexx

“What if I told you there is a product out there that not only provides privacy for your outdoor garden, but does so while providing unsurpassed growth comparable to that of HID lighting (without the hefty power bill). Would you believe me? I invite you to take a look at a product called Solexx.

[Growing Cannabis in a Solexx covering Greenhouse] Solexx works for MMJ cultivators in numerous ways. Like most other greenhouses, it provides an impressive degree of insulation to keep your plants warm and dry. Forget about the wind, rain, snow, or cold fronts; a properly constructed Solexx greenhouse is durable and will allow you to provide optimum protection from the elements.

But why use Solexx over other greenhouse material? The answer is light diffusion. Solexx is constructed with twin-walls that are ribbed to break direct sunlight down into diffused light. For you fair skinned growers out there; have you ever gone to the beach on a foggy day and came home with a sunburn, even though the sun never even came out? Solexx technology works in the same way by breaking up direct light so that the leaves in your top canopy no longer do all the work for the rest of the plant freeloading in the shadows below. Solexx’s removal of shade in your greenhouse results in massive photosynthesis taking place at all levels of your canopy resulting in more energy conversion for nutrient processing, thus, providing you with superior growth over direct light.

As a MMJ cultivator it is hard to deny privacy and optimum growing conditions, after all most of us spend a small fortune in providing our plants with an optimum medium and nutrients for our plants to grow in, so why not provide your plants with optimum lighting conditions as well? You may learn more about Solexx by visiting their website or”

- GreenWolfe

[Cannabis greenhouse cultivation] “I know how marijuana growers think….Why change what works. If I risk it and it fails, I stand to lose a lot. It took me a second to take that plunge to recover my greenhouse because at the time there was nothing for me to see to compare the Solexx to. I just had to risk it and go for it….I am very glad I did. Solexx gets the job done from vegging and budding to finish. The plant quality is just as good under the Solexx but with many more benefits over the poly solution. You get the benefits of a steady glow with no hotspots from the sun, the insulating factor is WAY better, it’s a stiffer more durable cover for your greenhouse, not as easily damaged, and a single puncture is not going to make you lose your entire insulating factor, unlike the 2 ply poly method where one single hole deflates your entire top. There are many benefits of the Solexx plastic over poly or any other covering you could use. You guys have a very high quality product.”

- S&A Medical Gardens