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Please note:  All these greenhouses can be extended in 48" increments.  Call for pricing.

Solexx Harvester  G-408 - $2,316   Deluxe - $2,632

The Harvester Greenhouse is designed to hug the side of your house, garage, deck, or stand alone – anywhere that’s convenient for you! This greenhouse kit is completely enclosed for maximum strength, insulation, and solar heat collection for year round use – whether you’re starting your spring flowers, summer vegetables or storing plants for the winter.

A 35" x 6 1/2" door provides easy access to the light, roomy growing area and can be installed on either end. Built-in bench frames and hanging rods allow you to fully utilize and personalize the space. The basic 8’ x 8’ x 8’ model features nearly 60 sq. ft. of bench area and 15+ linear feet of hanging rods, and includes one large Louver. Easily expand your greenhouse space simply by adding more 8’ units for your growing needs.


Harvester Greenhouse Kits Include:
• Heavy-duty composite frame - rust, corrosion and mildew free 
• Twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse panels (upgrade to 5mm panels for high altitude or heavy snow areas)
• New stronger and lockable door 
• 1 double-tiered and 1 single-tiered bench frames, full length, 29" deep, hold 500 lbs (optional shelving available)
• 2 full-length hanging rods, holds 200 lbs
• Sturdy, built-in base, requires no foundation
• Large Easy Flow Louver air vent (optional solar powered opener)
• Easy-to-assemble steel fittings
• 10-year limited warranty
• FREE delivery! (in the contiguous 48 states)

Deluxe Greenhouses Include the Following Accessories:
• Sturdy wire shelves to fit bench frames
• Solar louver opener
• Greenhouse Base Vents (Quantity varies with greenhouse size)
• Tie Down Kit (Quantity varies with greenhouse size)
• FREE delivery! (in the contiguous 48 states)


[Solexx Harvester Greenhouse gives you a double tiered shelf on one side and a single-tiered shelf on the other side for taller plants.] Available Sizes: 
8' Harvester Greenhouse (G-408).....8'W x 8'L x 8'H 
12' Harvester Greenhouse (G-412).....8'W x 12'L x 8'H 
16' Harvester Greenhouse (G-416).....8'W x 16'L x 8'H 
24' Harvester Greenhouse (G-424).....8'W x 24'L x 8'H

Extension Kit
8' Harvester Greenhouse (G-408x)...8'W x 8'L x 8'H