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Garden Master Greenhouse
Paradise for Hanging Plants  (Shade cloth not included) G-508 - $2,622    Deluxe - $2,996

This spacious, European-style greenhouse has 6'6" tall outer walls and a gable that peaks at 8'9" for ample room to trellis plants like cucumber,and tomatoes. With four bench frames each able to support 500 lbs. of distributed weight and two hanging rods, you will be amazed at how much room you have to grow all your favorite flowers and vegetables.

All Garden Master Greenhouse Kits come standard with a large louvered air vent and are covered with advanced double-walled Solexx paneling. The Garden Master, like all Solexx greenhouses, is freestanding and requires no special foundation or site preparation - just level the ground beneath it.

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​The Early Bloomer Greenhouse   

Perfect 8'x8' starter greenhouse! G-108 - $1,270

Our Early Bloomer greenhouse is a great all-around greenhouse. It is ideal for tall plants or small trees - the 6’3” height gives you plenty of room to grow. The super-strong composite frame makes it sturdy enough to withstand strong winds, and a large 19” x 30” vent assembly is included to maintain plenty of air circulation for healthy plants.

The lightweight greenhouse is portable, so you can set it right over your garden to get an early start planting seeds and an extended harvest in the fall. Two easy-access hanging rods at a convenient height run the entire length of the greenhouse to over-winter your favorite hanging plants.

Early Bloomer Greenhouses are covered with advanced double-walled Solexx paneling. The Early Bloomer, like all Solexx greenhouses, is freestanding and requires no special foundation or site preparation - just level the ground beneath it.              .        8'x8'  Early Bloomer Green House -  Item G-108    $1,270

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Gardener’s Oasis Greenhouse

Room for lots of plants! Oasis G 208 -  - $2,286 <<<  Deluxe - $2,660

Escape to your Gardener’s Oasis. This is our most popular greenhouse for a reason. You’ll have maximum growing area with two doubletiered, built-in bench frames providing you over 76 square feet of bench area in the 8’ x 8’ unit for hours of year-round gardening pleasure - and you’ll love the 8 foot height!

All Gardener’s Oasis Greenhouses come with a large louvered air vent and are covered with advanced double-walled SolexxTM paneling. The Oasis, like all Solexx greenhouses, is freestanding and requires no special foundation or site preparation - just level the ground beneath it!    More Detail <<< 

We do not do online orders... These greenhouses have too many options and are sophisticated enough that we want to talk to you to know that you are receiving exactly what you expect. Take a look at the standard designs.  Download the PDF's of the ones that interest you.  Write down your questions and give me a call.   I am available most days, evenings and weekends.   Depending on where you are located I do travel to consult on construction for expenses and an hourly fee.  No greenhouse is to small to have my assurance that it will be built right and provide many years of growing success!    My cell phone is 717-620-9676  Jeff Kurtz, Dealer.

Please note:  All these greenhouses can be extended in 48" increments.  Call for pricing.

Solexx Harvester  G-408 - $2,316   Deluxe - $2,632

The Harvester Greenhouse is designed to hug the side of your house, garage, deck, or stand alone – anywhere that’s convenient for you! This greenhouse kit is completely enclosed for maximum strength, insulation, and solar heat collection for year round use – whether you’re starting your spring flowers, summer vegetables or storing plants for the winter.

A 35" x 6 1/2" door provides easy access to the light, roomy growing area and can be installed on either end. Built-in bench frames and hanging rods allow you to fully utilize and personalize the space. The basic 8’ x 8’ x 8’ model features nearly 60 sq. ft. of bench area and 15+ linear feet of hanging rods, and includes one large Louver. Easily expand your greenhouse space simply by adding more 8’ units for your growing needs.  More Detail <<<

All Models!   Upgrade to the Deluxe Greenhouse! Includes: Deluxe Tie Down Kit Secures your greenhouse in strong wind. Solar Louver Opener Conveniently opens your Louver while you are away (no electricity required!) Base Vents Place at the base of the greenhouse for optimal ground-up cross ventilation. Wire Bench Shelves Fit perfectly on the built-in bench frames to get full use of your growing space. All at a discounted price with Free Delivery! (in the contiguous 48 states)

Solexx Conservatory

Conservatory Greenhouses are our largest and most spacious greenhouse kits, and popular with commercial nurseries and schools. With the tall 9’6” height of the greenhouse, seedlings to large plants and even small trees can easily be grown. Two single-tier, side benches run the length of the outer walls and a large 5' wide, double-tiered, bench frame sits in the center of the greenhouse structure with ample growing area.

The basic 8’ x 16’ x 9’ 6” model gives you over 110 sq. ft. of greenhouse bench surface plus about 30 linear feet of hanging rods for baskets and trailing plants.

Two doors allow easy access to the entire growing area. With the 16’ x 16’ x 9’ 6” model you get more than 220 sq. ft. of bench area and 60 linear feet of hanging rods. We also include four door assemblies so you can access plants from either end of your greenhouse.

Conservatory Greenhouses Include: 
• Heavy-duty composite frame - rust, corrosion and mildew free 
• Twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse panels (upgrade to 5mm panels for high altitude or heavy snow areas)
• New stronger and lockable doors 
• 2 side bench frames, full length, 29" deep, hold 500 lbs (optional shelving available)
• Two-tiered 58" x 94" bench frame(s) in the center of the greenhouse (accessible from both sides) 
• 4 full-length hanging rods, holds 200 lbs each
• Sturdy, built-in base, requires no foundation
• 2 Large Easy Flow Louver air vents (optional solar powered openers)
• 2 doors in the G-308A Conservatory greenhouse kit and 4 doors in all larger units 
• Easy-to-assemble steel fittings
• 10-year limited warranty
• FREE delivery! (in the contiguous 48 states)

Deluxe Greenhouses Include the Following Accessories:
• Sturdy wire shelves to fit bench frames
• Solar louver opener 
• Greenhouse Base Vents (Quantity varies with greenhouse size)
• Tie Down Kit (Quantity varies with greenhouse size)
• FREE delivery! (in the contiguous 48 states) 

Available Sizes
8' Conservatory Greenhouse (G-308).....16'W x 8'L x 9'6"H 
16' Conservatory Greenhouse (G-316)...16'W x 16'L x 9'6"H 
20' Conservatory Greenhouse (G-320)...16'W x 20'L x 9'6"H

Longer Conservatory Greenhouses are available through special order.